14K Gold Methodist Cross

14K Gold Methodist Crosses, Gold Methodist Cross with Banner Flag Flying beside the cross

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Each time you see the cross and flame emblem, you are looking at United Methodism's official symbol.

Known informally as the cross and flame logo but formally known as the denomination's insignia, it has been in use nearly three decades. It is seen in cities, towns and rural areas at every point on the globe.

The insignia is a cross linked with a dual flame. This symbol relates our church to God by way of the second and third persons of the Trinity; the Christ (cross) and the Holy Spirit (flame).

Apart from Wesleyan Trinitarian theology and warmth, the flame has two other connotations. The flame suggests Pentecost when witnesses saw "tongues as of fire." And the duality of the flame was meant to represent the merger in 1968 of two denominations: The Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren Church.

This distinctive design incorporating the flame of the Holy Spirit and the cross of Christ was adopted in 1968 as the official symbol of the United Methodist Church. It was created by E.J. Mikula and E.H. Maynard.

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